Outdoor Trends for 2019

If past years are any indication, 2019 is sure to be a year full of new and unique trends. However, one prominent trend is continuing from 2018 into 2019 (and undoubtedly beyond): bringing home outside.

But what exactly does this mean?

In a housing market where tiny houses and mobile homes have become common, today’s consumer generation has proven it’s possible to thrive with less indoor space. How? If you look closer, these resourceful homeowners are onto something: the patio is a large, blank canvas full of possibilities (and living space). This backyard canvas is something homeowners, with or without plenty of indoor living space, are embracing as part of their home.

With that idea in mind, more homeowners are demanding a continuation of their favorite interior designs and comfy accents into their deck or patio space. According to a survey by Better Homes & Gardens, 51% of Millennials want to decorate their outdoor living spaces as they would their indoor dining or living room.

By creating this dream living space outdoors, it’s no surprise that more homebodies are focusing on their backyard projects first and spending more time outdoors. 

More specifically, 68% of people use their outdoor space at least several times a week in seasonal weather, according to the American Home Furnishings Association. Consumers are incorporating outdoor kitchens, comfy furniture, cozy fire pits, handcrafted pergolas and more. These outdoor pieces—used to mimic favorite indoor spaces—ensure an extended outdoor season with plenty of opportunities to make memories.

As the outdoor living category continues to grow and evolve into this distinct, stylish industry, it’s inevitable that top design trends arise over the seasons.

So what will these backyard trends look like in the upcoming year? We’ve forecasted the top outdoor design trends you’re sure to see in 2019.

  • Matte Black Metal Finishes 

    2019 will take the modern, industrial theme and run with it this season. Be on the lookout for matte finishes in neutral colors. Matte black is sure to be a favorite in outdoor furniture. With other bold trends debuting this year, neutral matte finishes will be appreciated for letting vibrant accents shine and tying modern designs together.

  • Mixed Metal Accents 

    Metal-focused designs have slowly been making their way to the outdoor scene, but we have a feeling 2019 will be bursting with metal looks. Unique metal combinations, such as black and brass or brushed nickel and polished chrome, will create iconic outdoor duos. Whether it's furniture or accents, metal-influenced styles will be a favorite look for contrasting natural backyard scenes.

  • Natural Meets Contemporary

    Natural materials such as concrete, wood and stone will speak for themselves this season. Clean lines and smooth contours will ensure the natural pieces shine in landscape designs. Unique contemporary shapes immediately pull the eye and ensure the fire pit or fireplace is the clear focal point. With 77% of Millennials wanting their outdoor living space to feel like a relaxing retreat, natural designs are the key to peaceful vibes on the deck or patio.

  • Earthy Themes

    Nature-inspired colors such as greens, blues and grays will reign in 2019. But don’t underestimate these natural-looking color schemes. Not all 2019 color palettes will be so soft and subtle. Just look at some of the named colors of the year.

    For instance, Sherwin Williams chose Cavern Clay. It reminds us of terracotta—warm, vibrant and versatile. Even though the color is meant for interior painting and design, extending your living space to the outdoors means it’s fair game for backyard designs. Whether combined with stone, metal or other unique colors, this bright hue will easily complement upcoming trends.

    And we can’t forget about the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. This extra-vivid color immediately takes homeowners outdoors with its ocean-inspired aesthetics. When we bring this whimsical color to the patio, it contrasts with the natural background for that needed pop of vibrancy. There’s no doubt that outdoor spaces will be embracing nature in their designs, and 2019 earthy looks will be far from boring.

  • Vibrant and Bold Statements

    With all the metallic influences, bold and colorful themes will be a must-have in 2019. Fresh fabric designs, such as geometric prints, will take deck designs to the next level. Fabrics with warm, global-inspired looks create that comforting atmosphere we all need this season. Following the trend of nature-inspired colors, it’s safe to say that nature-themed prints will get attention, too.

With these trends, a blank backyard canvas becomes a place for endless possibilities. Encourage customers to be bold and extend their indoor living space outdoors by bringing home outside.